Hire A Party Bus for Lovedale Long Lunch Food & Wine Event!

Lovedale Long Lunch 2024

Festivities come and go, but the Hunter Valley’s Lovedale Long Lunch, a highly anticipated and much-loved wine and food event, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2024.

Lovedale Long Lunch is a progressive lunch event in which Hunter Valley’s prominent chefs’ team up with 6 of Lovedale’s best wineries to offer guests food, wine, and live entertainment.

6 Host Wineries selected for Lovedale Long Lunch 2024 are:

1. Allandale Winery
2. Emma’s Cottage Vineyard
3. Gartelmann Wines
4. Saltire Estate
5. Sandalyn Estate
6. Tatler Wines

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Event Name: Lovedale Long Lunch

Dates:  18th & 19th  May 2024

Location:  Lovedale, NSW

Are you interested in buying Lovedale Long Lunch Event tickets? You can get them from the official website.

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