A Complete Guide to Chartering A Shuttle Bus

Chartering A Shuttle Bus


If you want to transfer people from ‘Point 1’ to ‘Point 2’ safely and cost-effectively, then a bus rental may be the best way to do it. You can hire a party bus in Sydney for various events, including wedding transfers, hens and bucks night out parties, school formals, concerts, races and events, corporate bus hire, hunter valley wine tours, etc.

Types of Shuttle Buses You Can Hire

Mini Party Buses

Our mini-party buses have different seating capacities, such as 11, 13 and 18 seats. It is ideal for a small group of people to celebrate a day’s picnic, for school formals or enjoy hens and bucks night out parties.

Medium Party Buses

Our medium-party buses have different seating capacities, such as 20, 24 and 25 seats. Medium party buses are ideal for concerts, races and events, formals, hunter valley wine tours, etc., for a group comprising 20 to 25 people.

Large Party Buses

Our large party buses have different seating capacities, such as 43, 50 and 65 seats. Large party buses can accommodate a sizeable group of people. It is ideal for wedding transfers, school bus hire and all other events where a large group of people needs to be transferred.

When Should You Hire A Party Shuttle Bus In Sydney?

Many occasions will come wherein you’ll need to hire a party bus. Here are some instances where you’ll need to book a party shuttle bus in Sydney.

Hens & Bucks Nights Out Party

Right before marriage, the bride and bridegroom go for a night out party with their friends. Hens’ night out party is for the bride and her friends, while the bucks’ night out party is for the bridegroom and his friends. Hiring a party shuttle bus is cost-effective and safe and allows you to enjoy it to the fullest as it transfers you and your group between spots.

Wedding Transfer

Hiring a party bus is vital if you transfer a large group between the wedding ceremony and reception and drop them back at their hotel. Party bus transfer may be a safer option for several reasons, including your guests may not be familiar with the area, may have mobility issues, or may overindulge.


Formal is an important event in your life, and you want to look good doing it. Hiring our party bus in Sydney will provide you and your group with the perfect ride and an unforgettable experience.

Corporate Bus Hire

You’ll need to hire a party shuttle bus for a scheduled corporate meeting, event offsite, or a day picnic arranged for team-building activities.


When you want to attend one of the much-awaited concerts, the best way to enjoy the event is by hiring a party shuttle bus for you and your friends’ group or family and neighborhood groups. Hiring a shuttle bus in Sydney will give you peace of mind as you won’t have to worry or search for private car parking space, be worry-free as you won’t have any issues finding the venue, and you’ll arrive on time to enjoy the event.

School Bus Hire

Kindergartens, schools, colleges and other educational institutions can hire bus transport services in Sydney at affordable prices for students.

Hunter Valley Wine Tour

If you love tasting some fabulous wine, you can organise the Hunter Valley wine tour with your family and friends by hiring a party shuttle bus.


Hiring a party bus in Sydney is the most convenient, comfortable, safe, hassle-free and affordable way to transport a large group of people from Point 1 to Point 2 and back. 

If you want to hire a party bus for an upcoming occasion, contact Party Shuttles Sydney at 0401 606 020, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

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