How To Organise Hassle-Free Bucks Party To Double The Fun

How to Organise Hassle-Free Bucks Party

Your best friend is getting married, and you have been selected as the best man to plan a bucks party to remember. Now, the task is up on your shoulders to plan everything, from where to start the bucks party, type of entertainment to include etc. Plan and prepare to avoid last-minute disappointments and ensure everything is in order before the party.

  • Finalise the Date for Bucks Party: Plan to organise the bucks party one or two weeks before the wedding.
  • Read The Mind Of The Groom: What does the groom want? Whether he is interested in a pub crawl, go-karting, lawn bowls, beers & burgers or a classic party cruise.

Involve All Groomsmen

As the best man, it is your responsibility to plan the buck’s party, but that does not mean you have to do it alone. The groomsmen are there for the groom and want him to have an enjoyable time. So involve everyone to confirm the venue and entertainment details for the bucks party. It may be hard to meet everyone in person, so set up a group email with all the invitees and ensure finalising a deadline for confirmations to avoid any delay. It is the right time to start making enquiries for a better idea of pricing.

Make Bookings

Once you understand what the groom wants and how many guests will attend the party, it is time to start booking the venues. Popular venues will fill up quickly, so you need to book them in advance. And research Plan B (backup option), which will save you if the popular venue is already fully booked.

Take ideas from some of the groomsmen for the following:

Deciding on Venues

Do you want to finalise a pub crawl or nightclub party? Confirm your bookings in advance to secure the venue. And some places may also need a deposit to confirm your booking.


What type of entertainment does the groom want? Watch strippers dance in the nightclub or water sports options at the beach. Whatever it may be, ensure planning all the activities well in advance.


Is your bucks party group planning to stay back somewhere after partying? If so, get confirmations from all guests and book hotel rooms accordingly in advance.


What transportation mode do you seek for the groom and all his guests to the venue and back? Party Shuttles Sydney offers hassle-free bucks-party bus hire services with flexible packages, so you do not have to worry about transportation; instead, focus on enjoying the bucks party to the fullest.

Final Words

Do not take the risk of waiting until the last minute for bookings. Popular venues tend to fill up fast, and you may be left to choose second-rate options if you fail to book in advance. Planning, timely preparation and proper communication are all critical for setting up a successful bucks party. Once the bucks party date is final; venues booked, what remains is to arrive on the big day and double the groom’s enjoyment and fun so that he has a good time, which he will remember.

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