How to Plan for Party Bus Event? Top Tips!

How to plan for party bus event Top Tips!

Nowadays, party buses are a highly sought after option for moving a group of people, setting the mood, and beginning the event sooner. Choose from different types of vehicles whether you’re planning for your wedding or corporate event or want to have a fun-filled night out party with your close friends. Hiring a party bus in Sydney is a unique idea that you should consider! Here, we will give you some essential tips for planning your party bus event.

Search for a Professional Party Bus Service Suited for Your Needs

Search for a dependable company in your area offering professional bus service. Check if the service is certified and that all their drivers possess a valid license. Are their professionals friendly, and will they go beyond to help you plan the best party and outing of your life? Finally, is the service honest, transparent, dependable and cost-effective for you?

Before Finalising Check Out the Party Bus In Person

After finding a professional bus service, find the right bus for your needs. Not all buses are the same. They will have buses with different seating capacities, interiors and features. It is vital to choose the party bus with the seating capacity and features that you need. Don’t rely only on the images of the buses because the service will always show the good side of the buses. Hence, before finalising, you should see the buses from inside and outside in person, so schedule an appointment with the service to see the shortlisted buses in person before you can book the right one for your needs. Also, if you don’t like any of the shortlisted buses, you can move towards another rental service.

Number of Invited Guests

It is an important consideration, as you need to know how many people will be joining you at your party. Accordingly, you can book the right party bus for the required seating capacity. So you will have to make a list of all people you’re planning to invite – speak to them over the phone – and ask them whether they will attend the party or not. This way, you will have a number at hand to begin. You will have to hire a party bus depending on the number of guests, as every party bus come with a different seating capacity. And it is not prudent to pay for a party bus with 40 seats if you only have 20 people partying – it won’t be cost-effective.

Planning for Stops

For the best partying experience, planning is crucial. It will help avoid any unnecessary stress or worries and help avoid any misunderstandings with the bus rental company and your guests. Ideally, a couple of weeks before the event date, you should begin your planning concerning – How you want to party? What places do you want to visit, and how much time do you want to spend at each spot? Get the plan in writing and make changes if required, and send a copy to all your guests. If they agree with the schedule, send it to your bus rental company too, as it will help the driver get prepared.

Planning for Stops

Get Snacks, Drinks, and Your Favourite Playlist!

Get the snacks and drinks that you will have while on the bus. Remember to get your favourite playlist, and get this ready at least some days ahead of the party. Some of the party bus rental services may also give you an option to book a party bus Sydney with food, drinks, and music included. Nonetheless, stick with a realistic budget you can afford, and accordingly book a party bus that best suits your needs.


How much are you willing to spend for the party bus and the other features and amenities. With more amenities and features, the price will climb up, so select carefully.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to hire a party bus for a hens night, bucks night out party, wedding event, formals, concerts or corporate event, planning earlier is crucial. Leaving the planning for the last day would make it harder to book your desired party bus. So you need to finalise and rent the party bus at least two to three weeks in advance.

Party Bus Hire in Sydney

If you require any help regarding booking the party bus, get in touch with us at Party Shuttles Sydney on 1300 BUS 333, and we will let you know the best options for your requirement.