Ultimate Office Christmas Party Planning Checklist

Christmas Party Planning Checklist

Are you planning to take your employees for a Christmas party outing? If this is for the first time you are hosting a Christmas party bash or you have done it many times over, you’ll need a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything and you should also consider hiring a party bus in advance to avoid last-minute disappointment.

The Checklist for Office Christmas Party Planning

Deciding the Venue

When fixing an appropriate venue, first you should consider if you’ll be doing any special activities and whether it needs to be done indoor or outdoor, and what specific facilities, equipment, access you’ll need. Once you finalise the venue, book it at the earliest and get the invitations out early.


Create a list of people whom you want to invite – whether you want to include your partners or for only your staff. Have the details mentioned as to the date, time, venue address and dress code if any. Make sure to include a theme for the Christmas party if you want to have one. Finally, it would be nice to have a celebration message from the head of the department or director.

Arranging Transport for Your Employees

If the venue is a faraway place, then hiring a party bus Sydney is a wonderful option for transferring a big group. It’s a fantastic chance for your staff to intermingle and have some excitement while in transit. When they travel in one of the party buses of Party Shuttles Sydney, they will remember their experience, as it’s beautifully decked with laser and LED lights, ballistic sound system to play your favourite music and get into the party mood early.


When arranging for catering options, ensure selecting the menu that caters to all of your employees. Ensure to include in your invitations a request for individuals to inform you of any special dietary requirements. Include a variety of options in the menu – for example – for the main course – don’t select two types of meats – rather select one meat and one seafood or pasta/noodle type.


Christmas office party

Addition of alcohol would give a kick to the party; however, you’ll need to make sure that after consuming alcohol nobody drives their private vehicles back home. If everybody is riding on the party bus then it’s safe for everybody, as the party bus will drop each of your employees to their home safe and sound.

Christmas Gifts – Incorporate Recognition

Christmas or holiday parties are annual employee appreciation events more than anything else. Therefore, it’s important to recognise the performances/ successes of your staff as a whole and express how much you value their hard work and contributions all through the year.

Whether your Christmas party budget is small or big, it doesn’t matter at all! The worth of your organisation’s holiday bash is in its meaning. How your employees feel after the event is over – do they feel appreciated, whether the party fosters a sense of pride in the organisation’s accomplishments throughout the year, how unforgettable the experience was, and if employees can enjoy time with one another. This is what matters and make your holiday party a true success.

Christmas Props

Christmas props such as table decorations, party hats and more are normally expected at Christmas parties – make sure you buy these to make the event more happening.

Hiring a party bus from Party Shuttles Sydney is a fun and safe solution to your Christmas party transportation. Call us on 0401 606 020 right away and book a party bus for your Christmas bash right away!

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